Deck your garden with kiln dried Garapa hardwood decking

Garapa Hardwood Decking

Garapa is a new and amazing ground breaking advancement in kiln dried technology, brought to you by Q-Deck. Click Here for fitting advice and care and maintenance info.

Q-Deck Garapa hardwood decking is made from sustainably sourced timber grown in South America. Garapa is a naturally durable decorative hardwood with appealing variable grain is otherwise known as Brazilian Ash and occasionally even referred to as a poor man's Ipe. Its distinctive golden yellow colouration quickly mellows to brown on exposure to UV light before eventually weathering to a silvery grey.

Q-Deck naturally durable Garapa Hardwood Decking is smooth on both faces allowing you to choose the best face when fitting. It is FSC certified and EUTR compliant thus sustainably and legally sourced. Ask your retailer if chain of custody certification is required. Unlike lots of tropical hardwood decking equivalents it is supplied Kiln Dried as opposed to air dried which means that it is of a more consistent size and will only shrink minimally in the summer.

Garapa Hardwood Decking

Q-Deck® Sustainable Hardwood Decking Boards
Brazillian ash wood with a quality look. Garapa hardwood decking is kiln dried with a warm golden look. A beautiful deck for your garden with a nice radiant feel. Find your nearest stockist of Garapa here. Available to buy online and in-store. lyptus Hardwood Decking

Q-Deck Garapa smooth reversible hardwood
decking - 21 x 145mm
  • Sustainably sourced. Q-Deck Garapa hardwood decking is supplied FSC® certified as standard.
  • Reversible, smooth all round profile allows you to choose the best face.
  • Kiln dried, so minimal shrinkage.
  • Durable.
  • Very strong, very hard, very tough.
  • Golden yellow appearance with a mix of appealing variable grain that darkens to light brown after exposure to U.V. light.
  • Kiln dried
Please enquire with your Q-Deck retailer to ascertain what lengths are available and if FSC® Chain of Custody is required.
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