Sustainable Hardwood Decking

See Q-Deck Lyptus Hardwood Decking in the Monaco "Gold Medal" winning Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show 2011. Click Here.

Coverage of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show - 2011 - Episode 10 BBC Two, 8:00PM Thu, 26 May 2011. Chris Beardshaw visited the Monaco Garden to explore sustainable ideas for urban spaces and issues surrounding sustainable planting and finished the piece with the words:

"and even the decking is a step forwards, here it's eucalyptus a sustainably sourced hardwood. It's tough, resilient and it provides a wonderful bronze surface striking through the centre of this garden; set to revolutionise decking, in our landscapes and gardens"

Q-Deck hardwood decking, known as Q-Deck Lyptus is made from cultivated eucalyptus hardwood trees harvested in less than twenty years offering un-rivaled sustainability. Lyptus is a sustainable alternative to traditional tropical hardwoods. A Eucalyptus hybrid, the key to the dimensional stability of Lyptus as compared to other Eucalyptus based-species is the careful growing, kiln drying, and processing of the wood. Extremely warm in colour, Lyptus is comparable to rich tropical hardwoods, and species such as Cherry.

Timber decking made from Lyptus provides a naturally durable alternative to Q-Deck’s preservative pre-treated softwood varieties. Q-Deck Lyptus hardwood decking provides a knot free appearance and it’s variable grain and colour make it particularly attractive and appealing in a way only natural products provide. Q-Deck Lyptus benefits from greater strength, toughness and resistance to abrasion compared to its co. branded softwood varieties.

Q-DeckŪ Sustainable Hardwood Decking Boards

Q-DeckŪ Sustainable Hardwood Decking Boards
Pictured here Q-DECKŪ LYPTUS reversible hardwood decking, shown grooved side uppermost. 20 x 90mm. (finished size after machining). lyptus Hardwood Decking
Q-DeckŪ Sustainable Hardwood Decking Boards

Q-DeckŪ Sustainable Hardwood Decking Boards
Pictured here Q-DECKŪ LYPTUS reversible hardwood decking, shown smooth side uppermost. 20 x 90mm. (finished size after machining). lyptus Hardwood Decking

From Sustainable Plantations in South America

Q-Deck Lyptus is grown on managed plantations. Grown on responsibly managed plantations in Brazil, Lyptus forests are 11 times more productive than temperate species and produce 30 times the volume of timber than an unmanaged tropical forest. For example, trees that produce Lyptus can be harvested within 14-16 years, as compared with the 60 plus years it can take many tropical species to mature. These plantations are fully certified to the national sustainable forestry standard, Cerflor, recognised by the international Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).. This sustainable forest management ultimately ensures a consistent and guaranteed product supply for the future.

  • Cherry wood appearance
  • A mix of light and dark shades and appealing variable grain
  • The darker coloured boards darken further to rich walnut-like shades when oiled or wet
  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Tough
  • Kiln dried
  • Sustainable PEFC certified hardwood
Sustainable Hardwood Decking

More about Q-DeckŪ Sustainable Hardwood Decking


Fit Q-Deck Lyptus over 400mm joists centres. Allow 8mm gaps between boards when fitting (kiln dried hardwood means you have to allow for some expansion of the boards in the wetter seasons). Q-Deck Lyptus susceptible to staining in contact with iron and moisture. When fixing boards, it is advisable to pre-drill pilot holes with a coated steel drill bit to reduce the chance of the deck screws splitting the timber especially near the ends of boards. Only use stainless steel deck screws to fix boards. Oiling Q-Deck Lyptus with a penetrating deck oil will enhance it’s appearance and minimise movement due to reduced moisture absorption. Clean and re-oil Q-Deck Lyptus annually to rejuvenate your hard wood decking.


‘For best results use your new Q-Deck Lyptus hardwood deck for 6-8 weeks. Thoroughly clean with Net-rol wood cleaner and colour restorer and then oil with deks olje D.1 saturating wood oil by OwatrolŪ. It is advisable to repeat this process above every 12 months substituting Deks olje D.1 with Textrol penetrating oil by OwatrolŪ.

Q-Deck Lyptus durability, like oak and cedar is in part due to the high levels of tannin present. Over time some of the tannin is washed out of these timbers. Please note that the fabric of a building or associated landscaping products could become stained by the mobile tannin. This washing effect is more likely to occur during prolonged heavy rain, and be most concentrated in the period just after fitting your Q-Deck Lyptus deck.

The tannin content also makes Q-Deck Lyptus susceptible to staining in contact with iron products or particles and moisture (as cedar and oak is also). If iron/ferrous staining occurs it can be easily remedied with the application of proprietary wood bleaching agents such as Liberon Wood Bleacher or Net-rol wood cleaner and colour restorer by Owatrol®. Like all natural timber decking the colouration of Q-Deck Lyptus fades over time due the lightening effect of ultra violet light.

Tested by the Hamburg Technical Institute in Germany, Lyptus Decking has been shown to achieve Durability Class 2/3, which has been verified by TRADA for use in the U.K.

Dimensions are for the finished size after machining

Hardwood Decking, Lyptus.

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